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Zoho CRM may be the underdog in the CRM (Contact Relationship Management) software segment, but what Zoho CRM lacks in market share, it more than makes up for in flexibility. Platinum IP over the years has had the opportunity to interface directly with several CRM solutions. Although Salesforce is the market leader, and we have written integrations with Salesforce for several clients, when it came time to choose a CRM for our internal use, we choose Zoho CRM. Zoho has the most open architecture of any CRM on the market. Their product line is extremely diverse, offering a full suite of core office applications. Zoho also supports Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 integrations. Flexibility is the common theme in all their products. Most companies will only use a high level of process automation and workflows that can be configured through Zoho, however, the capability is waiting for you. At Platinum IP, we strive to build software that is so intuitive to use, the end user should never need a manual. Zoho, must agree with this philosophy, though excellent documentation is available. When we internally deployed Zoho we intentionally did not train our sales manager. Within the first week, that same non-technical sales manager was building their own workflow processes completely independent of any support staff.

We then decided to double down on Zoho by adding Zoho Books. Zoho Books is a complete stand-alone accounting software that once again, what the software may lack in market share it more than delivers in ease of use and flexibility. We were able to complete our conversion from Quickbooks to Zoho Books in a few days with zero downtime. Similar to Quickbooks, Zoho Books also supports direct links to banks and credit cards such as Bank of America or American Express in addition to most of the larger banking institutions for direct download of transactions. Rules can be written to auto-categorize transactions. Within a week of the migration, you would have thought Platinum IP had been running on Zoho Books since its inception. Zoho created structure in our sales process without any of the salespeople, sales managers or management feeling restricted. Account receivables, payables, and banking transactions were perfectly in sync. Gone were the days where accounting had to get back to management for a Profit and Loss report. Zoho CRM and Zoho Books deliver real-time reports, something we preach at Platinum IP.

Although, you could call Zoho directly, Platinum IP will manage a seamless migration from your current CRM or accounting software to the Zoho family of products. We will export all your data from your existing CRM and build custom screens to display all legacy data. Platinum IP will build automated reports, so management knows the status of the sales pipeline. In addition, Platinum IP is fully equipped to manage your transition from your current accounting software to Zoho Books. We will work directly with your accounting department to ensure all direct import bank feeds are fully functional. Since Zoho CRM and Zoho Books are cloud-based solutions, there is no onsite hardware to install or maintain. The only requirement is a data connection. Cloud-based CRM's and accounting software are hosted in multiple data centers around the country, offering another level of protection to your disaster recovery plans. Contact Platinum IP today and let us change your whole perception of CRM's and accounting software, with Zoho CRM and Zoho Books. We will show you what your company is capable of with one fully integrated product.

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