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Platinum IP LLC delivers streamlined Business Management, Custom Development and Workflow Optimization for companies throughout the country. We accomplish these goals by immersing ourselves in our client’s company. Our cutting-edge ideas are not theories, rather real-world hands-on results. This same dedication to detail, outstanding service, and commitment to see the project through to completion is now applied to shipping with Platinum Ship.

We keep our drivers on the road with new equipment, optimized for maximum yield of efficiency and capability. Our Logistics Team, coupled with Platinum IP Fleet Management continuously monitors routes, traffic and weather conditions to keep our drivers, your products, and our equipment safe and on schedule. In addition, as part of Platinum Ship’s continued dedication to be at the forefront of technology, we are proud to announce our reservation of the new Tesla Semi. The Tesla Semi is a game changer and will be leading the electric vehicle revolution.


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300 to 500 Mile Range (depending on model)
0-60 mph unloaded 5 Secs
0-60 mph loaded with 80,000 lbs 20 secs
65 MPH speed up 5% grade with 80,000 lbs
.36 Drag coefficient (with box trailer) and completely flat underside
Energy Consumption < 2kWH per mile
Quad rear electric motors with independent torque vectoring to prevent jackknifing
Semi-autonomous and collision avoidance assistance
Low center of gravity to prevent roll overs due to battery location
Center driving seating position
Armored glass windshield

Platinum IP Fleet Management:

Platinum Ship Truck Capabilities:

YearMakeModelTrimCabBedEngineTransmissionDrivetrainAxleHorsepowerTorqueMax TowingGCWR
2017Ram2500TradesmanCrew6'4"6.4 Liter Hemi Gas6 Speed 68RFE4x44.10410429 lb-ft1563022800
2017Ram2500LaramieCrew6'4"6.4 Liter Hemi Gas6 Speed 68RFE4x44.10410429 lb-ft1563022800
2017Ram2500LaramieCrew6'4"6.7 Liter Cummins
6 Speed 68RFE4x43.42370800 lb-ft1721025300
2017Ram3500TradesmanCrew8'6.7 Liter Cummins
Diesel High Output
6 Speed Aisin
4x43.73385900 lb-ft2502033800
2017Ram3500LaramieCrew8'6.7 Liter Cummins
Diesel High Output
6 Speed Aisin
4x43.73385900 lb-ft2502033800

All Trucks are equipped with:

  • Peragon Bed Covers
  • Timbren SES Suspension
  • 20' 20,000 lbs Recovery Strap
  • Portable Jump Starters
  • Portable Air Compressor
  • D.O.T. Certified Fire Extinguisher
  • Three D.O.T. Certified Triangles
  • Five D.O.T. Certified Flares
  • First Aid Kit
  • Driver Safety Vest
  • Hum by Verizon linked to Platinum IP Fleet Management Dashboard with Traffic and Weather overlays

Platinum Ship Trailer Capabilities:

2016C&B TrailersBumper Pull20'Car Trailer with beavertailDual 7,000 lbs
2016Mirage TrailersGooseneck29'Flatbed with beavertailDual 7,000 lbs
2017Double R TrailersGooseneck22'Enclosed with beavertail and 7' ramp 6'8" rear access heightDual 7,000 lbs
2017Snake River TrailersBumper Pull24'Deckover Flatbed and 7' ramp extensionsDual 5,250 lbs
2016Look TrailersBumper Pull24'Enclosed with beavertail and 7' ramp 6'8" rear access heightDual 5,250 lbs
2001Big Bubba TrailersGooseneck28'Flatbed with beavertail and 7' ramp extensionsDual 7,000 lbs
2017Mirage TrailersGooseneck39'Flatbed with beavertailDual 10,000 lbs

All Trailers Are Equiped With:

24E-Track O Rings6,000 lbs
4Axle Straps10,000 lbs
1218'x2" Straps10,000 lbs
527'x3" Straps20,000 lbs
9Side Mount 8'x2" Wheel Webs12,000 lbs

All Trailers are equiped with: