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The thought of T-Mobile as a business carrier may be a new concept. Years ago T-Mobile had a less than stellar rating for call reliability and data access much less speed, but times have changed and everyone loves a David and Goliath story. T-Mobile has made massive progress in their network. Numerous case studies available for voice reliability and data speeds are proof of incredible investment T-Mobile has put forth. T-Mobile not only created a superior network built for call reliability and speed, but offers all of the capability at a fantastic price point. Platinum IP standardized on T-Mobile years ago, when the main selling point was solely price. We have witnessed first hand how network speed, coverage and reliability have continued to improve.

Platinum IP also has a Logistics and Transport division which utilizes a HUM product linked to our custom developed Fleet Management screen. HUM also offers mobile hotspot service in each of our trucks. Interestingly, none of our employees use the hotspots unless they are truly in the middle of nowhere. T-Mobile network that supports all of our company phones is far superior. From the drivers in the field to our project managers in the office, our employees prefer the T-Mobile network. T-Mobile is the new urban wireless carrier champion, and with its recent Eight Billion Dollar ($8,000,000,000.00) investment in the 600 MHz spectrum, T-Mobile will be the champion in all areas. Contact Platinum IP today and let us show you how we can save you money on your wireless service. We will streamline the number porting process, phone purchases, deployment and offer a turnkey solution.